This Week In Real Estate Video #103 – Four Real Estate Videographers That Would Like Feedback

SouthWalesThis week I had four different requests from real estate videographers that would like feedback on their work. It’s becoming clear that the aspect of This Week In Real Estate Video that readers like is to see what others are doing with video and to be able get feedback from all the great videographers that we have reading this feature. So here are the people that would like some feedback:

Gareth Blunt, South Wales, UK: Here is Gareth’s video. I think Gareth has done a wonderful job with this. I especially like the narrator’s South Wales accent that can say “Swn y Gloch”… at least it sounds convincing to me.

Eric Crews, Brevard, NC: Here is Eric’s video. I think this is beautifully shot and edited. The only feedback I would have is that the narration could be a bit stronger.

Jonathan Davis, Big Island, HI: Here is Jonathan’s video. I think Jonathan has done a great job shooting and editing this. My only complaint is with his choice of music. I find the music a bit abrasive and distracting. He want’s it fast paced. What do  you think?

Shane, Portland, OR: Here’s Shane’s video. Great job with this Shane. Well shot and edited. I have a slight complaint about the front aerial shot that moves up the front of the home, down at the roof and then looks out to the distance. I think you should lose the relatively long roof shot. No one likes to look down at roofs. I like the aerial shot at the end much better that shows the back of the house and then pans out to show the neighborhood.

Everyone give these guys some feedback, that’s what they are looking for.

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