This Week In Real Estate Video #44 – Agent Jill In Austin, TX

I’ve featured Agent Jill in Austin before but Jill some 20 weeks or so ago but Jill  is such an real estate video inspiration I think it is important to point out her work again. What I try to do with this weekly feature is point out the top work that is being done by Realtors and real estate videographers around the world and I think Jill is right up there with the best. By the way, Jill’s husband shoots and edit’s Jills video in FCP for her and deserves some of the credit.

Jill Leberknight is a Realtor, actor, director and acting coach. What a knock out combination for someone doing real estate video! The video to the right is one of Jill’s recent listings. Here is her personal intro and here is her living in Austin video Part 1 and Part 2.

Here is Jill’s acting coaching website. All I can say, is if you are a Realtor within several hundred miles of Austin, TX I would run, don’t walk, on over and sign up for Jill coaching! Jill’s videos are and example of if you are shooting awesome talent it doesn’t matter much what you do with the camera, just keep Jill in the finder and you’re good! Jill’s raw talent just amazes me!

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