This Week In Real Estate Video #46 – Reflection Tower II

When I was recently in Maui I had lunch with Tom Tezak and we were talking about this video from 2007 by Brett Clements and other examples of great real estate video in general. Brett’s Reflection Tower II video is one of my all time favorite property videos. It was the first video I  saw that convinced me of the potential of property video. I did a post back in 2008 on this video that linked to a high quality version that seems to be gone now so we’ll have to do with this low-res version. Brett won a Australian Marketing Award of Excellence for this video in 2007.

The reasons I find it such a fantastic video are:

  1. The camera work and editing are fantastic – tight, snappy and succinct. Just the camera work and editing hold your interest.
  2. The dialog catchy, engaging and beautifully written.
  3. The lady in the video (Kristine Lehmann) is NOT a model/actor, she was the listing agent for Reflection Towers II when it was being sold in 2007 and 2008. When is the last time you’ve seen a listing agent this talented on camera?

Tom suggested that I put together a page of top quality examples of property videos like Brett’s. So that’s what I’m working on assembling and Brett and Kristine’s Reflection Tower II will be the first on that page. I hope to have the the video page presentable by next week at this time.



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