This Week In Real Estate Video #47 – Olive 8 And Fripp Island

Olive8There several property videos that I ran across this week that caught my attention:

Olive 8 by Malia Campbell: Malia did a great job on this video, highlighting the killer views of all the classic sights that a downtown Seattle condo on the 31st floor has to offer. I  like the the iPlayerHD presentation that Malia is using on this one. It’s big and elegant looking, be sure to watch this one full screen!

331 Ocean Point Drive, Fripp Island SC by Heath Cowart: This video uses dialog between a home owner who invites her friend to visit her vacation home for the weekend to weave together a video story of this vacation home. I like the way Heath has used time-lapse sequences to add drama to several of the landscape shots. Nice job Heath!

8469 Hillside Ave. Sunset Strip: Eric Lavey of Teles properties in Beverly Hills is the listing agent. I don’t know Eric so I don’t know if he shot this or he had someone else shoot it for him. This video caught my attention mostly because it is so different. I have mixed feelings about it because of the dark feel that the background music  creates. I understand the rational behind choosing this track but videos are not rational they are about feeling.

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