This Week In Real Estate Video #48 – Share This Video For A Possible $20,000 Referral

5 Leinster Woods 1 near Dublin, Ireland, By Brian MacLochlainn: Brian says, “This is my 4th attempt at a video, and I am finding that I am now getting enquiries but mainly from commercial property agents and other commercial uses for this service. It is a fun new market that I am trying to create here as it really is not something that has been done before in Ireland.” I’d say this is good work for Brian’s 4th video.

Brian also says, “over here video usage on higher end properties is currently almost useless because the primary property listing sites either do not allow video or put the video so low on the actual listing. The video not only is below the photos, it is below the description, room by room measurements, agents details and the location and map. This means not only is it below the fold it is below the fold of the second scroll down.”

SHARE this Love Story and if your referral results in a sale at ELEMENT by Scott Wagner, you will be paid a $20,000 referral fee. The buyer will need to use the word ROSE when he or she contacts Scott. Regular readers of This Week In Real Estate Video will recognize this as a production. Those crispy sharp water droplets on the rose have something to do with the RED Epic camera they use.

How do you use online video to sell real estate? This question has come up many times this week from agents and photographers/videographers I’ve talked to. The issue that comes up again and again is, “I can’t link to video from my MLS!” or “The syndication sites link to tours/video are too hard to find!” or “what good is video if you can’t view it from traditional marketing sites?” I’m going to visit this subject more in the weeks to come because I think it is key to the successful use of video in real estate. The answer is in the opening sequence of this the reel that Brett Clements sent me. The key words are “The combination of online video and social media is atomic! Nothing in the history of advertising can touch it.” I can believe this but this means agents have to use video outside their usual marketing channels and promote it via social media.

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