This Week In Real Estate Video #50 – Simple Yet Effective

I’ve talked about Julie Kinnear‘s work before, but it has been well over a year. I just saw one of her new listings that reminded me what a great job she does. Julie is a top Toronto agent that does her own video walk through tours.  After looking at Julie’s work quite a lot I’ve come to really like it even though it is not polished from a video production point of view. I’ve tried to figure out why I’m willing to put up with watching video that is hand-held, un-edited and done with a low-end point and shoot camera. I think the reason is Julie’s friendly, laser like information packed narration style.

Doing what Julie does is harder than it looks! There are just a few agents in 10,000 that could do this as good a Julie is doing it. Here’s a summary of what she is doing:

  1. She is using very minimal equipment. A Pink Canon ELF handheld. You may see it occasionally in mirrors.
  2. Before a walk through she points the camera at her face and says, “Hi there, I’m Julie Kinnear …” exactly the same for every video. This part of her branding. I think this is very effective.
  3. She shoots the whole walk through as one clip. No editing. Just shoot it and upload to YouTube.
  4. Sure the camera work is casual and bounces around an will drive Pro videographers crazy. But her rapid fire narrative of the home holds your attention and takes your attention off the camera movement. I’m willing to put up with the camera movement because Julie is conveying so much information and holding my attention.
  5. Her narrative conveys a huge amount of information about the property. And because you are seeing what she is talking about it you remember it better.
  6. Julie’s typical listing page on her site has 16+ stills, multiple videos, a floor plan, a google map and street view.
  7. Julie makes extensive use of video for testimonials. Her testimonial page has over 30 video testimonials on it.
  8. Julie also has a video of her team members on her team page.

I think Julie’s online marketing is a great example of how to use video market a property. It’s easy to see why she is a top agent in Toronto. Great job Julie!

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