This Week In Real Estate Video #59 – The Cookie Mansion With AudioSwap

The Cookie Mansion by Quentin Bacon is a couple years old, but because I follow Quentin’s work, I was browsing through his YouTube channel and noticed the Cookie Mansion video and realized that some how I had missed it before. I’ve featured his Sandhill video and Casa Estrella several years ago. Perhaps Cookie Mansion isn’t quite up to the level of the other two, but I like Quentin’s fanciful style. He uses music very well. Also, the time-lapse transition into the end of the video is very elegant.

As I viewed this video, my wife could hear the music background track (Fairy Princess, by Carly Comando) and became very interested. Every time I played the video she would come in my office and dance to the music (this is not her usual reaction to property video). Finally, I just bought the Carly Comando album for her. I only knew what music  to buy  because at the bottom right of the video’s YouTube page there was a little album cover that showed the track name used in the video and gave iTunes, Amazon and Google links to buy it. This is a YouTube feature, called AudioSwap, that allows you to legally use many copyrighted songs (not all) as YouTube backgrounds. Here’s how to use AudioSwap like Quentin’s video does. You are swapping right to use the audio track in exchange for the exposure the artist is getting from your video. I’m here to tell you AudioSwap works! Watching Quentin’s Cookie Mansion video cost me $9.99!

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