This Week In Real Estate Video #61 – Subtle Island and French Broad Place

SubtleIslandBCSubtle Island, BC – By Jacob and Jamie McNeil, PlatinumHD Propvid Canada: Jacob and Jamie shot this nice little video of Subtle Island, a private Island in the Discovery Islands region just off the Campbell River, for Mark Lester at Sotheby’s in Vancouver.

Jacob said that platinumHD was recently announced as the preferred video supplier for Sotheby’s International which is doing a big push to encourage their agents to use video.

French Broad Place Condos, Brevard, NC by Heath Cowart, Residential Photography and Video: Heath sent me a link this week to his most recent project in downtown Brevard, a 20+ condominium  project. Heath described the background as follows:

We looked at this from as many angles as we could and found that focusing on what this building could eventually become, (a community) was a great foundational message. Next, we had to address the most important concerns and turn perceived negatives into positives. We anticipated that some people would be unsure about living downtown, some buyers agents thought that the units were previously overpriced so we had to let them know about the price drop, and we wanted to to balance buyers fears about buying real estate in general by reminding them that our real estate market is coming back and the timing is actually very good to buy real estate.

Both great property videos! As usual creators always like your feedback so don’t be bashful!

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