This Week In Real Estate Video #64 – 19 Federal St Newburyport MA

This week I want to point out one of my favorite classic real estate videos that Fred Light shot about a year ago.  Fred’s skill at shooting walk-through video coupled with the elegance of this grand old mansion built in 1798 (during the revolutionary war!) by William Bartlet, Newburyport’s wealthiest resident, makes this video very special. The narration, done mostly by Mr and Mrs home seller give this video a relaxed, personal feel. This video is one of my all time favorites, and since the fourth of July is next week, it seems like a fitting season to feature this video. It’s easy to visualize General Marquis de Lafayette walking through these gardens with John Adams. Great job putting this video together Fred!

I keep getting asked for the links to some of these classic real estate videos that I’ve referred to here on  This Week in Real Estate Video so I decided to build a page that has a collection of some of my favorite real estate videos. This new page has a link to it from the menu bar along the top of the blog (Video). Actually building this page was Tom Tezak’s idea. We were talking about real estate video the last time I was in Maui and Tom suggested there are many classic videos that deserve to be highlighted on a special page. Thanks for the idea Tom!

At this point the page is far from finished. I still have a bunch of videos I want to add. I had do work a making it narrow enough to work on all mobile devices, but I believe I’ve done that.


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