This Week In Real Estate Video #65 – Los Gatos and Steamboat

This last week I heard from Sabrina Huang, an old friend I met at the workshop we held in April of 2008 in Seattle. Sabrina sent me a link to her latest video of a spacious home on the market in Los Gatos.

Sabrina would like your gentle feedback on her video. I think she did a wonderful job on this property! My only feedback to her is I would have liked the closing shot of the fire by the side of the pool at the very end to be video rather than a still. It’s a great twilight shot but some how the flickering fire and shimmering pool would have been awesome in video.

The workshop where I met Sabrina is the same event where I met Scott Hargis, Thomas Grubba, Aaron LeitzRon Kenny, Dan Achatz, Charlie Dresen and 25 other real estate photographers. I was reflecting on the fact that in 2008 no one was even talking about video, but today in  many of the people that were at the workshop are either shooting video or using video in their business in some way.Video has become much more important in the last five years!

Speaking of Charlie Dresen, he must have known I was talking about him. After I’d written the above, I got a video link from Charlie of a very nice little video for a listing he has in Old Town Steamboat. Nice job Charlie!

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