This Week In Real Estate Video #67 – A Very Special Video Of A Very Special Property

Steamboat Springs Realtor Charlie Dresen showed me his latest video of a very special one-of-a-kind property in the heart of Old Town Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is the second time Charlie has listed this property. We featured the lifestyle video that Charlie did for the original listing back in January of last year. I think this latest version with the builder narrating the video goes way beyond the original and is very successful at showing how special and unique this property is.

Here is Charlie’s description:

As a Realtor, I know firsthand that emotions play a huge role in buying and selling real estate. So when I first listed this home back in January 2012, I decided to make what I’d call a “lifestyle”video” to try to reach the emotions of buyers and sell them on what it’s like to live in one very special home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was the dead of winter and snow blanked our area.  But two months after I listed the home, the sellers fell back in love with their home a decided not to sell.

Fast forward 14 months and they decided to list the home again and the sun is out, and the landscape is green and flourishing. This time I wanted to show off what was once covered with snow. Not only is this a cool modern home, but it’s located on 2.1 acres, in the heart of Old Town Steamboat where most lots are .14 acres. And it sits next to a park and on Butcherknife creek. This in a one-of-a-kind property and I wanted to get that across to the potential buyers.

This time I wanted to show all the details, and I felt using some narration along with video would really convey the message. So I made a “new detail video” to show and tell people how special this home really is. I even incorporated aerial footage which adds so much to the video.

Video is the best way to market and get maximum exposure. One can’t wait for a buyer to come to town so using video to reach out and expose this home worldwide is just another way to spread the word. Agents spend thousands of dollars to feature homes is national magazines with a shelf life of a month. Video can market a home long-term.

Whether it takes a month to sell this home or a year, this video will do a lot for global exposure. You can view it on my home page as well at

I think Charlie makes an excellent point – Video is the best way to get world wide exposure for properties where the likely buyer could be anywhere.

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