This Week In Real Estate Video #68 – Video And A Stunning Aerial 360

IndianRiverRoad5345 Indian River Road British Columbia by Jacob and Jaimie McNeil PlatinumHD Propvid Canada: In North Vancouver for Clive Benjafield and Steve Mitchell at Sotherby’s International in Vancouver, BC.

I think Jacob and Jaimie have done a great job interviewing the current home owner and getting her to describe the artistic decorating and remodeling that she’s done. This kind of thing is harder than it looks and not every homeowner can do it.

Notice the effectiveness of what appears to be UAV shots (but are actually full scale helicopter shots taken with the doors off) at the beginning of this video. These fly-in style shots are extremely effective for beach properties like this one. It gives viewers a perspective that you just can’t get any other way.

The other stunning marketing for this home is the aerial 360 shot done from that same chopper. Now THIS is an effective use for a 360 shot!! What a fantastic way to show off a beach property! Jacob says that the current Canadian laws for UAVs are a hassle to deal with and since they frequently work close to US airspace, and worry about getting the FAA worked up, they just use full scale choppers and bypass the problem.


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