This Week In Real Estate Video #73 – Ethan Tweedie Does Property Video

Ethan Tweedie, on the Big Island of Hawaii is expanding into property video. Ethan uploaded his first property video to YouTube just last week. He said:

It took forever to get this done! It was like a very difficult homework assignment on top of all my normal work! It was a huge learning process, and I could not have done it without Malia’s help!

Malia Campbell took a break from her shooting schedule in Seattle to help Ethan get up to speed with property video. I was kidding Ethan that I saw a couple of moves in this video that look like the ones Malia does, but Ethan pointed out that he’s also doing a lot Steadicam sequences in this video that Malia doesn’t use.

I think it’s interesting how everyone has their own very personal shooting style. Great start Ethan!

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