This Week In Real Estate Video #74 – Editing RAW Video In Lightroom

This Week In Real Estate Video #74 – Editing RAW Video In Lightroom

September 6th, 2013

Jon Lindsay is a property/architectural filmmaker in the UK doing some interesting work with RAW video and Adobe Lightroom. It’s a new system that has changed his workflow and produced great results. The video to the right shows an example of the results Jon gets with this new workflow.

Jon says:

After shooting a walk through with a Merlin Steadicam (thanks to Fred Light for advice I go back to the property and shoot RAW video of the important selling points of a house – e.g. external, living space, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. With RAW video you can do what photographers have been able to do for years , but with moving pictures. The camera sees every little detail and has a greater dynamic range. For example, you can shoot a sunny room, but also capture the view through a window (usually blown out white). I take the individual stills into Lightroom to enhance skies, detail and texture. From that I can export as a move file.

The workflow is a challenge on you and your computer’s memory, but for more prestigious projects it’s well worth the effort as you can really bring a property alive. The added bonus is that you can extract hi-res stills from the video to use for photography.

Here is a couple of links that go into more detail about Jon’s workflow: Here and here.



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