This Week In Real Estate Video #77 – Increasing Saturation Of A Video

Tom Tezak on Maui sent me a video from one of his new listings in Wailea. He describes it as an emotional video. That is, it’s about the homeowners emotional attachment to their home rather than just listing features.

Also, I noticed that this video was more saturated than previous videos that Tom and Travis had done before. So I talked to Travis, Tom’s videographer and asked him how he did that. Here’s what Travis said:

I’ve been using the wave forms in FCPx to tweak the footage. It’s very similar to a histogram and makes exposure correction and color grading easier. Maui’s pretty saturated with pretty colors already as you know,  so I boost the saturation very lightly. Obviously, a polarizer is also key for a place like this. If you’re referring to the interior shot at 1:07 where you can see the view and the interior. I’ve also recently learned how to layer footage and mask the window/door. Unfortunately, its not a magic bullet that can work with every room.  You do have to shoot the two different exposures and not move the camera. I’ve been searching for a solution to blown out windows for a while. Lighting systems would require an enormous cost and time to work with. The wattage of continuous light necessary to match the outside is way beyond the budget of my clients and a bunch Home Depot tungsten work lights would start blowing circuits and be a serious burn hazard. No thanks.

Travis says there is a lot of video work going on, on Maui!

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