This Week In Real Estate Video #91 – Do You Need to Do Video and Stills

MattVanEmmerikThis week’s video is a video from Matt Van Emmerik’s portfolio that I like.

If you read yesterdays post which is a summary of Matt’s business you probably noticed Matt’s assertion that:

HD video is not the future of Real Estate marketing, it is the present and if you don’t learn it well and offer it, you will eventually be weeded out of the market I firmly believe. It’s not easy to do, is time consuming and there are many pitfalls and expenses with a huge learning curve, but it’s incredibly fun, creative and lucrative so my advice would be to get started now instead of thinking a good photo is all you need. In my area I gave myself a one year jump on the competition and now it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to crack into the market so I have to keep ahead of the game. In this game quality wins over price unlike the photo market because any realtor can use their internal video systems to put together iPhone videos so they need something with WOW factor to convince them to open their wallets. Do NOT cheap out on video gear as it will show in your work.

Regarding Matt’s statement that, “…if you don’t learn it well and offer it, you will eventually be weeded out of the market…”. This is probably true for some markets but not all markets. Certainly there is or will be an advantage to doing both still photos and video. However, I see the best of the best focused on either stills or video, and I’m not sure that will change. For example the agents marketing, Casa Estrella, hired Scott Hargis to do the stills and Quentin Bacon to do the video. Maybe this is an extreme example, although Casa Estrella is listed at $4.4 M, it’s not super high-end property. Another example is Brett Clements (one of the best videographers in the business). Brett is such passionate video believer he won’t even talk to you about stills!

My guess is that you can’t talk about this subject in absolutes. Matt’s assertion is probably true for some markets and for some people. But I think there will always be people that specialize and are good enough at their specialty that they don’t have to do everything to be successful.

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