TIME’s top photos of the year

I can’t but think how weird the people have become. Is there no more beautiful things in this World? Is there only conflict, tragedy, disasters, cataclysms? And the mind of people picking out those for being “the best”, or “top” (of what)?
If we think of our life as a cross-section of all we can perceive, isn’t it high time we replaced this kind of thinking? Or do we let things go as they go, and end up in really miserabe frame of mind, where if something does not involve grief, pain, death, or loss – it is not worth publishing / highlighting?
I suggest we all wake up and demand (or better yet, DEMAND!) that this attitude based upon cheap sensation sell changes – for good – before our children learn from wrong people that if you’re not aggresive, or daredevil, your life sucks!
There is more to living quality than selling and buying. The way everything else is subdued, well… it makes me sad. MY young days were much happier, and a lot of today’s good things were then nonexistent…

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/12/07/time-s-top-photos-of-the-year