Tips for Posing Men

In this video clip from a full course, instructor Natalie Fobes talks about, and demonstrates flattering poses for men. Her subject has concerns about his weight and skin, both of which she handles. Watch and find out how!

She does a lot of things I do and recommend to my students as well, such as:

  • Gets permission before adjusting his clothes
  • Gets permission before touching him in any way
  • Explains why she is asking him to do things that might feel odd
  • Tells him that it looks good, he looks good
  • Helps him relax his hand by lightly shaking it

In this second video by Creative Live, instructor Jeff Rojas talks about body language and things to watch for, and also to avoid when posing males. Do you know what clenched fists or hands below the belt line mean? Watch this clip and find out.

Do you apply any of these posing tips in your photography? Do you have any others to add? Please do so in the comments below.

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