Touch and go: Nikon D5500 review posted

I agree with richard. I’ve been shooting with nx cameras for almost 4 years now, but nx1 is such a different beast, that I’m learning something new day by day.

It has a pretty outstanding dr in low light areas. As proven by the new dpr tools, iso 100+6ev is ahead of any apsc camera and most (all?) ff ones. And it’s much better than in camera iso 6400 of the nx1 itself.

So it’s probably better shooting at -5ev and low iso, rather than using 0ev and high iso!!

That sensor is so much different than any other one. Another example: raw files are very flat, but can be graded in a lot of ways. But pp is tricky, and lr introduces problems by directly working on srw files. Better converting to dng, first.

Last, a new fw is said to come in few days, improving tracking af by a fair margin.

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