[UPDATED] Can we get much wider? Canon EF 11-24mm F4 L USM samples gallery posted

Incorrect. We have yet to see how the lens performs on a high res Canon body.

Furthermore, the edge to edge performance is still pretty impressive even adapted on an a7R.

Also, the shots on the rocky beach are a pretty stressful case for any lens – those rocks were ~1 ft or so away from the lens. I tried to find the hyperfocal distance as best I could to get everything in focus in a single shot, but undoubtedly the edge-to-edge performance of objects at infinity probably won’t be as good when you focus at the hyperfocal distance vs. focusing at infinity.

As for a Sony camera leading to more noise, well, we both know that’s not true 🙂

Keep in mind this is a fairly high dynamic range shot, & these are all single exposures. These rocks were dark, w/ no light shining on them, countered by the bright sky above the set sun.

What’s amazing is that there’s this little noise.

Just goes to show, again, it’s not the ISO that determines the noise. That’s a gross over-simplification.

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