User experience: In-depth look at Canon EOS 70D’s Dual Pixel AF system

“evf is fine for smaller sensors prevalent in video/tv cameras where dof is much deeper and thus closer to ‘focus free’ and far less demanding on any AF system, even CD-AF, particularly in good (tv broadcast, studio, arena, stadium, or day-) light

one could spend most of one’s time panning and tracking, and less time with any AF faltering when contrast is quite high that is common to well lit scenarios already listed above

but once one ventures into low light, with much wider apertures, the dim lower contrast bogs down every video/tv system such that AF is monitored much more carefully to avoid the classic loss of focus or auto-hunting syndrome”

EVF’s have nothing to do with how a camera focuses. The Sony’s A series use PDAF for example. A camera’s ability to focus is affected by its AF system not the fact is uses an EVF.

In low light EVF’s are easier to focus manually as they gain-up and have focus peaking (also makes them easier to manual focus in good light also).

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