Using third-party lenses on the Sony a7 / a7R

I see the article named “…. with A7 / A7R. The two cameras have a totally different approach on how lenses, new and old ones draw. So, where are the A7 pictures in your report? A7R works better on low angles, from 35 mm up, and this has been tested by Steve Huff. The opposite is true when it comes to use wider angles, here the A7 draws much better. Now, this is confusing, since one would prefer and select a higher pixel count for landscape and wider angles. The sales of the 36 mpix A7R compared to 24 mpix A7, show clearly that pixel peeping is still an asset when selling cameras. I prefer A7 personally, I do not need the large size pictures, and the full size samples that I downloaded online, among them those made by Steve Huff, show that there is no real advantage to buy the A7R. A7 has some advantages on AF system, while A7R benefits of a full magnesium front part, and why A7 has here plastic is just a riddle. It had been better not to make it at all, than make it partially crappy.

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