Video: A conversation with Olympus’ Richard Pelkowski about the OM-D E-M5 II

A good interview that strikes a satisfactory balance between just trumpeting market spin and overly-guarded responses. I got the impression that Richard Pelkowski may be a genuine enthusiast.

It’s interesting how Olympics, (and perhaps Ricoh with the GR), take firmware releases seriously, not just for bug fixes, but also to enable new features. And to seriously listen to owners and reviewers feedback about what should be changed or added.

With form-factor changers like the Ricoh Theta, Olympics Air, Ricoh WG-M1, and the Sony Action Cam range, companies are responding to the different ways that still & video cameras are being used. While the traditional form-factor best suits most users, it doesn’t suit all users and the way they want to use their cameras.

And with programmable imaging systems with interchangeable lenses like the Air, the flexibility of how a camera can be configured, used and controlled is tremendously expanded.

Interesting times ahead…


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