Video: DPReview panel at CreativeLive’s Gear Day 2015

Really interesting views from the panel, thanks.
It’s funny how everyone always goes on about how important glass is, and yet 95% of this discussion was focused on camera bodies.
I get that the future is probably smaller/lighter/even more electronic than today; however the DSLR format doesn’t get enough credit.
It’s a very mature platform that just works. And the lens systems, particularly for FF Canon and Nikon, are unsurpassed still.
I think the DSLR v mirrorless debate is a bit moot. A DSLR can enjoy the same on-sensor technologies as a mirrorless, and for a given SENSOR size, it is the LENSES which have the biggest impact on the size and weight of the system, not the body itself. I’m sure DSLRs will eventually migrate to mirrorless designs, but for now I don’t honestly think it’s that interesting.
I guess it depends on if/how Nikon and Canon aim to change their lens mounts to accommodate their future mirrorless offerings?

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