Vince DeStefano Gets A Ready To Fly Steadi 470 UAV For Under $3,500 AUD

Long time readers an members of the PFRE flickr group know Vince DeStefano of Melbourne. Vince has contributed many articles on aerial real estate photography and Pole Aerial Photography over the years.

Recently Vince has invested in a UAV system for his real estate photography business (you can do that if your business is in AU). The video to the right is of a recent test flight he did.

Here is Vince’s description of his system:

Just wanted to tell you about my new quadcopter I have purchased for aerial video and photography. It’s the perfect tool for real estate photographers and it has now replaced my elevated pole rig.

Its called the Steadi 470 and its made by a company called Zero Tech. The beauty of this quadcopter is that it has been built and designed to shoot aerial video using a steadi cam system. It has absolutely no other purpose than to shoot video and stills.

Lots of guys spend countless amounts of time and money researching and building their own drones for aerial photography. Zero tech has done all the hard work on this one and it just works!

Now the best bit is that you don’t need to have any experience flying models… that’s right its that simple I handed it to my wife to fly and then to my 5 year old daughter. Within in 3 minutes each of them was able to take off, fly around, take photos and land it.

I have mounted a Sony Nex-5 to it, and it takes beautiful video. I was amazed at how stable and steady the video is. You see it uses similar technology to what is being used in Vincent Laforet’s new video. 2 Servos help to keep the camera gimbal always stable.

The quad copter uses GPS to keep it in the one location, Hence you push the throttle up to take off and then you can completely let go of the remote control. It stays in the same spot. Wind up to force 4 won’t affect it.

It also connects to an android tablet or jail broken iPhone, and you can set “pins” on a map, and it will automatically fly to those pins based on commands given by the tablet.

This is the cost break down:

$2000 for the quad copter
$400 for the remote control
$150 will get you three batteries
$50 for a charger
1 X android tab or iPhone/iPad
Sony Nex-5 camera around $300 second hand
Strato snapper to trigger camera around $50
WIFI router $50

I paid the company Dragon RC to build mine, and they charged me $350 but I get full support from them.

So for under $3500 AUD you get a fully operational and ready to fly platform

Vince, thanks for all the details. We’d love to see some results when you get them.

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