Visual Supply Company releases Film 03 presets pack for Lightroom & ACR


Visual Supply Company has released the VSCO Film 03 camera profiles and film emulation preset pack for Adobe Lightroom 4 and Camera Raw 7. The software comes with customized camera profiles for Fujifilm, Canon and Nikon image files and allows native non-destructive editing of desired film effects within Lightroom and ACR. The latest version includes a toolkit to achieve an ‘authentic instant film’ look. Version 03 is currently available for immediate download at a retail price of $119 (~ £75/ €90) from the company’s website.

Visual Supply Co is currently offering a two-week discount of 25% for new customers and 50% for current users of VSCO Film owners.

Press Release:

Visual Supply Co Releases VSCO Film 03 for Lightroom 4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7

Fuji FP-100c Cool effect. (Image by Eleanor Petry)

Emeryville, CA / February 12, 2013 – VSCO has announced the release of VSCO Film™ 03 for Lightroom 4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7, available now at for $119. VSCO Film 03 contains revolutionary camera profiles and presets for RAW digital image editing, built to streamline photographers’ workflow and produce beautiful results.

VSCO Film 03 for LR4/ACR7 includes gorgeous film emulations inspired by Polaroid, Fuji and The Impossible Project. All film stocks contain multiple variations to emulate the various ways instant film looks in different situations. Additionally, VSCO Film 03 includes a new custom toolkit specifically tailored to help achieve an accurate & authentic instant film look. Tools such as clarity down, sharpness down, old lens, various toning looks, and heavy vignette are new additions which aid image processing.

VSCO Film 03 utilizes native Adobe Lightroom and ACR controls and functionality enabling photographers to get the look they want from their RAW files without ever leaving the Adobe Lightroom or ACR environment. VSCO Film 03 includes custom camera profiles for Fuji, Canon and Nikon professional level cameras.

For two weeks only, VSCO Film 03 will be on sale for 25% off. Current owners of VSCO Film 01 or 02, will receive 50% off VSCO Film 03 thru February 26th, 2013. For those who don’t yet own VSCO Film, simply buying any one pack for full price will entitled them to receive VSCO Film 03 at half off until February 26th, 2013.



Back in the day, I had a catalog of film scans of out of focus lightboxes exposed to a middle gray. Blank 4000dpi scans from Velvia, Provia, Kodachrome, Ektachrome made up my film grain library. I found myself often adding grain to my dSLR images via layer in Photoshop for my clients. You see, in the early days of digital photography, I still had many clients who thought digital images looked too artificial and sterile. A bit a grain and curves/saturation adjustment always did the trick to make the photo look more realistic. Also, heavy handed WB adjustments were to be avoided. Photos obviously taken in open shade should have still had a bluish cast, otherwise it looked fake. Funny how things change.

Now it’s time to move backwards 😉


How many ridiculous presets and plugins are made not to shoot film.
By the way, which scanner is simulated? Noritsu???? Ha-ha
Or what paper, if supposed an optical print?

Todd Ka

Perfect! Now a picture taken by a $3000 camera can look like a picture taken with an app on a $300 phone, so it can look like it was taken with a $70 ebay purchase.

Nishi Drew

Any word on an Aperture version?

Randy Benter

A visit to their web site was frustrating; it is heavy on the art, light on information and difficult to navigate. I could not find any reference to a trial version, which is disappointing. I am interested in both the custom camera profiles and the film emulations. I could not find out if they have a single custom profile for each camera or if they have multiple custom profiles for each camera.


I wonder how this compares to DXO’s Film Pack 3?

Aleo Veuliah

I think it must be similar to DXO. Not so good perhaps. DXO has a lot of experience on this.


I like the presets a little bit better, but of course DxO is cheaper and supports more platforms and software.


I wish these guys had a standalone version, I don’t use ACR or Lightroom.

Aleo Veuliah

I say the same, but I use Lightroom. I just prefer standalone versions.

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