Walker Evans’ iconic ‘American Photographs’ turns 75


Walker Evans’ iconic images of American life in the early 20th century helped elevate photography to the status of fine art. His 1938 book ‘Walker Evans: American Photographs’ celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and the Museum of Modern Art is commemorating this milestone by bringing it back into print with an accompanying exhibition of his work. BBC News Magazine offers some insights from the show’s curator, Sarah Hermanson Meister. 

 Photo by Walker Evans, 1935 or 1936.
Photo by Walker Evans, 1935 or 1936.
Photo by Walker Evans, 1936.
Photo by Walker Evans, 1936.

All images via Wikimedia Commons.

Walker Evans American Photographs is on view now at MoMA in New York through January 26, 2014 and the re-printed American Photographs is available from MoMA’s online store. Has Walker Evans’ body of work influenced your own photography? Let us know in the comments.



Evans’ work for the Resettlement Administration in the 1930s represent the pinnacle of his career as a documentary photographer.

There are several historical photographs that best represent the Great Depression.

In addition to arguably the most iconic of the era, “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange, the portrait of Allie Mae Burroughs by Evans superbly captures the raw anguish and uncertainty of the times.


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