Waterproof camera returns to owner after being lost at sea

After arrival in Bangkok, i had a Taxi to a 4 star hotel near Siam Square. I paid and tipped the driver and moved my trolley to reception.

While talking to reception, i saw the driver entering the impressive hotel lobby.

What does he want here, i asked myself. The driver walked towards me; i wondered if any trouble lay ahead; the receptionists also looked askance at this simple local man who seemed not to be comfortable with the surroundings.

The driver stepped up to me, nodded formally and dropped into my hand – my Ixus compact camera. I had forgotten it on his taxi’s back seat.

The driver turned around and walked briskly towards the exit. I ran after him and offered him 300 Thai Baht (like 6,7 Euro or 9,2 USD, it can be a driver’s net earning on a bad day).

I knew from the taxi ride that he spoke some English. Thanks so much, i said, please, one drink for you.

The driver shook his head. I just Buddhist, he said, manoeuvered around me and disappeared into the city smog.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/04/camera-returns-to-owner-after-being-lost-at-sea