Week in Review: Sony FTW

The fact that Leica built a factory in 2014 doesn’t tell us anything about its revenue, its operating expenses, or how it paid for the new factory. Was it financed, was it paid for with cash? If so, how does that impact Leica’s asset strength? My point is that you came here throwing around financial “facts” with no insight to them. I am in no way stating that Leica isn’t operating at a small margin, but neither of us has any facts to support that assertion.

Also, it really needs to be said that Leica is absolutely puny in size compared to a giant like Sony.

Edit: I found a 2012 article that stated that Leica’s 2011 total revenue was up 57% over 2010, and totaled $309M USD. To put that in perspective, Sony’s revenue in 2011 was $58 BILLION USD.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2717549365/week-in-review-sony-ftw