Week in Review: To boldly go

And how can you say it’s “adventurism and fantasy” when so much science is coming back? You’ve got it backwards. This is actually the opposite of fantasy: This is reality.

No longer do we have to fantasize about what Pluto looks like. Now we have the facts. We are getting actual data that results in advances in geological science. We are no longer making things up.

Ironically, if we followed your advice and cut space science, that would leave us exactly where you don’t want to be: Devoid of facts about the universe, without science, ignorant, left to merely fantasize.

You might as well put away your computer and start posting on this forum by sending in letters written on paper, because if you don’t believe in basic science, you don’t believe in the process that led to it being possible for you to afford a computer.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/6139349565/week-in-review-july-17-2015