Weekly Photography Challenge Landscapes

Yesterday I shared a collection of stunning landscape images and asked a question at the end of the list. If you missed it, you can see the collection and my question here.

By Eric Bryan

If you haven’t figured out the three things that I think make all, or most of those images a cut above – let me help you out:

  1. The lighthaving the right light in landscape photography is crucial to creating an image that is better than good, it’s great. Light is everything and what landscape photographers drool over when they find the “good light” or they wait hours and hours, or sometimes even days to get it.
  2. Simplicity – look at many of the images in the collection again. See how some have very few elements in the image? More is less. Keep things simple and draw the viewers attention.
  3. Going the extra mile – getting off the main road and beaten track is another key to great landscape photography. Anyone can stop at the “viewpoints” along the highway and get the same shot. But if you really want to take it up a notch it’s being willing to hike into the back country and camp overnight just to get a shot of the sunrise in a remote location. Or even getting up for sunrise in the first place (see not on light above again). Are you willing to stand in the creek and get wet if it’s going to add more drama to your image, or climb a mountain, or freeze your butt off in the cold? Those are the things that the best landscape photographers do that most of us don’t and therefore they get the images we all wish we had.

Now it’s your turn! The weekly photography challenge is of course, landscape photography. 

Here’s a few more example which exhibit some of those qualities:

By Trey Ratcliff

Camped overnight on the great wall – go read the full story about this image on Trey’s blog (linked to from the image on Flickr)

By skoeber

By James Jordan

By Yasin Hassan – ????? ???

By Eleder Jimenez Hermoso

By Trey Ratcliff

Willing to risk life and limb on a rickety, questionable boat/raft on a river in China, in the pitch black darkness, to get this shot above. To read the story of the making of the image – click the image to go to Flickr.

Share your landscape masterpiece images!

Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section as pictured below) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them.

And don’t forget to share the story of your image as well. Did you do #3 above and go the extra mile? Tell us about it!

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