Weird Science: Olympus BioScapes 2014 winners

Not really, it can be done with a couple of cheap Ikea bought LED lights, a secondhand trinocular microscope and a polystyrene cup as a light diffuser.
See 9th post down in this thread to see amazing results with cheap equipment.

Charles Krebs [2014 honorable mention X 2, has also won Nikon small world ] uses this set up.

Wim Van Egmond uses a similar setup [previous winner of both Olympus & Nikon comps]

Yousef Al Habshi [Honorable mention] uses a Nikon D800e with a manual tube lens focused at infinity, with a microscope objective screwed to the front of it, uses a stackshot a Zerene stacker software, similar to this setup

Doesn’t really matter what setup you use, it comes down to which technique you choose to best show your subject, and subject preparation.

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