Within days of starting dPS – back in April 2006 – I began to get requests from readers that they wanted a forum area on the site where they could:

  • Share photos that they were taking
  • Get critiques from other readers on their shots
  • Ask (and answer) questions of other photographers
  • Share their own tips
  • Meet, network with and have a little fun with other photographers

A few months later we did add a little forum to the site. It started very small with just a few sections and members but from day 1 was a place where dPS readers could do all of the above – and more.

Dps forums

Since that time our forums have continued to grow and evolve. We have over 235,000 members and our categories of discussion have grown from just a handful to cover many topics including:

There is a lot more than that too!

Over the last few months we’ve been planning a forum upgrade as a result of some broken features and an inundation of spammers and in the last week have completed the upgrade to a new version of the forum software.

It took an enormous effort from our developers (who are still working to iron out a few bugs) but things are much more stable now and if you’re looking for a place to ask a question, interact with other photographer or share your own tips we’d love to welcome you to the dPS forum.

Over the coming months we intend to roll out more changes both to the forum and blog part of dPS – so stay tuned for some more fun developments that we hope will make our site even more useful to you.

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