What Do You Do When Your Computer Can’t Read The Memory Card From A Shoot?

LC-TechWe all hope it’s never going to happen to us but frankly it just a matter of time, and it will happen to everyone! No, I’m not talking about death or taxes, I’m talking about camera card failure.

Since it’s never happened to me (knock on wood) I can’t speak from experience but Rebecca Kmiec in San Francisco just told me that this solution saved her shoot recently and there is a recent thread in the PFRE flickr discussion where multiple people recommend the exact same solution as Rebecca. This is crowd sourcing at it’s best. I like solutions that multiple people recommend!

Here are other solutions that are recommended by members of the PFRE flickr group:

One precaution that I believe help prevents problems reading memory cards (I see that someone in the PFRE flickr forum recommends this too) is to always delete the photos on a card by formatting the card in the camera the card will be used in.

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