What’s NEX? Sony Alpha a5100 first impressions review

Sony doesn’t have a legacy in terms of lenses and especially users like Canon, Nikon does.

For instance, Sony have had done nice & innovative cameras long before they decided to go the DSLR way – when they bought Konica Minolta in 2006, and also adopted their A-Mount to their own line of DSLRs. Sony doesn’t have the legacy since the 50’s, 60’s…and is mostly being known as a electronic concern, that does stuff like walkman back into the 70’s.

But for instance, Sony have had a long term cooporation with Zeiss, even before 2006 for years.

Sony invented the Mavica “Floppydisc” Camera, and also with CD Single CD Burner inside their digicams to save the pictures onto,
back into the old days.

But was Sony does as it’s best – their Sensor Business, and the brand is also way innovative – The NEX Series was 2011 a industry
first, and now the A7 series with FF onto a way small DSLM body, too…the RX series with primes, etc.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3783350867/sony-alpha-a5100-first-impressions-review