What’s NEX? Sony Alpha a5100 first impressions review

The new A5100 looks like a winner – basically a A6000 without EVF. i’d have loved a mag-alloy body, but even the A6000 is made out of plastic, that wasn’t possible, especially for the asking price.

Besides that, the Alpha 5000 incl. the “infamous” 16-50 PZ Kit Lens costs here in germany (18.8. online price check) 379 EUR only, and the Alpha 6000 with the same Kitlens goes for 679 EUR here – so the A5100 Kit must be cheaper.

Hopefully, in one year or less the A5100 doesn’t cost more than 400 Bucks with PZ Lens.

Update: The A5100 with 16-50 PZ currently is listed here for just 30 EUR less then the A6000 Kit – so it’s clear, for that price, nobody which isn’t dumb would
buy the A5100 Kit yet. It has to be much cheaper – 499 EUR would be a good
starting price.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3783350867/sony-alpha-a5100-first-impressions-review