When Bad Weather Means Great Photography


Landscape photographer Carsten Krieger is no stranger to poor weather, but in this article he explains how you can get great shots even when the sun is hidden from view. His three-page article features several images taken in his native Ireland which should provide plenty of inspiration for those damp, rainy days that are just around the corner. Click the links below to read the full article. 




These photos make me appreciate the warm glowing embers of the fireplace in front of me…

There are enough storms in the urban jungle, thank you.



i suppose, theoretically, ur magnesium electrically charged & active dslr body + metal tripod would be more attractive to the lightning; but i could be wrong


very true, but my camera or I do not want to go out on this kind of horrible rainy day, and I am very very scared of lightning.


After a thunderstorm . colours are beautiful

tommy leong

absolutely agree.
But there are dangers associated with bad weather
such as lightning strikes…which happens a LOT here.

Photopainter Andreu Murillo

Great Photo for a bad day, resembles one of mine in Menorca: http://www.andreumurillo.com/fotos_de_menorca_panoramica#h47c4f81e

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/19/landscape-photo-technique-bad-weather-can-result-in-good-photography