Where’s the red dot? Leica releases new M-P Digital rangefinder

The only reason to shoot a rangefinder is because the rangefinder, as a tool, makes sense for your approach to photography.

Once you’ve established that a rangefinder is the right tool for you, you do not have to spend $10,000. You can head over to KEH and get a used M3 with a Zeiss 50 f/2 for about $1,600. HP5 is available for $6/roll, and a scanner will run you a couple hundred bucks. Chemistry is less than $100 for everything you need. (And for what it’s worth, film M’s are still nicer than digital ones.)

Should you want a digital body you’ll have to pay more. Used M9’s are around $3,000 used right now. M8’s are about half that.

Even pixel peepers should be satisfied with the ZM lens lineup by Zeiss, and Voigtlander makes well made, reasonably priced rangefinder lenses. You do not have to spend $4,000 on a 50mm lens to use a rangefinder camera.

Rangefinders are expensive, but they can be an excellent tool if they fit your shooting style. Try one and see if it’s worth it.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0691021563/where-s-the-red-dot-leica-releases-new-m-p-digital-rangefinder