Which Wireless Flash Trigger(s) Do You Use?

PocketWizardA year ago I built a a page for wireless triggers. You can also get there by clicking “triggers”  in the menu bar along the top of the blog.

Since flash triggers are so central to lighting with small flashes most real estate photographers use them to at least trigger one flash if not multiple flashes. My goal for this page is to list all the popular wireless triggers in use in real estate photography and a corresponding reader usage poll that shows which are the most popular ones.

I like reader polls because they give us all insights from our collective wisdom which is much more important than just one persons opinion. When you are able to see user usage distribution of 100s of people taking the poll it’s insightful. After about 12 months the poll has almost 500 participants here are the top 5  triggers:

  1. Pocket Wizard Plus II – On top probably because the Plus III just came out when this poll went up.
  2. Yongnou RF-602
  3. Cactus V5
  4. CyberSync
  5. Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 & MiniTT1 Canon

If you haven’t already, please take the poll if you use wireless triggers and leave a comment if you think that I’ve over looked a trigger you think is important.

Source Article from http://photographyforrealestate.net/2013/03/12/which-wireless-flash-triggers-do-you-use/