Wild Things: Marsel van Oosten’s landscape and wildlife photography

@Marsel – of all the shapes in the world and the universe, CIRCLE is my fovorite. So SIMPLE, yet complete. Of all of Leonardo DaVinci’s painting, Vitruvian Man embodies the simplicity of Math.

My comment about the GEARS is not directed at you, rather, at the author of the article. To me, all the gears you used is irrelevant. to me, it detracts from the THEME of what you try to project . . . SIMPLICITY.

To me, the Best Puzzle I came across is ErnÅ‘ Rubik’s Cube. So SIMPLE and yet so challenging.

I am a very strong proponent and practitioner of KISS. As entertaining as Rube Goldberg, I prefer economy of simple and direct to the point design. Of all the (your) photos included in this article, I prefer the simplicity of the Black and White Storks.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3231550463/wild-things-marsel-van-oosten-landscape-and-wildlife-photography