Wireless K-3 control: Pentax FluCard review

@dg90: you wrote that in the comments section of a review concerning Pentax 😉

I personally don’t believe that DPR favours one brand over the next, but here’s some numbers that BorisAkunin gathered a bit more than a month ago:

“Nikon -vs- Canon:
In 2010, the reviews for the 60D and D7000 where both done 76 days after the announcement, 2-3 years later the 70D-review and the 6D-review took 121 and 148 days while the D7100- and D600-reviews only took 63 and 61 days. The Nikon reviews seem to get priority…

The OM-D E-M1 review was done 48 days after the announcement. 18 months earlier, the E-M5 took 82 days but the E-P5-review took 146 days just recently. It looks like the E-M1-review was fast-tracked…

The fastest was the K-5 review at 89 days, the other reviews took much longer (K-30: 161, K-r: 183, K-5II: 267).
The K-3 review is at 119 days and counting, the K-50/500 review at 236 days and counting…
(slowest Nikon: D5200, 129d; slowest Canon: 5DII, 149d)”

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/07/wireless-k-3-control-pentax-flucard-review