With greater clarity: Nikon D810 Shooting Experience

The A7/R/S Series use a 11+7bit Delta compression in RAW terms,
for myself, i’d be happier with a true 14bit lossless or lossy RAW compression –
but let’s face it – it seems almost *all* current Sony DSLR/DSLMs are using that kind of delta RAW compression – and you just can’t say that the results into RAW from the A7/R/S or A77, II & A99 are just bad, period – no offence.
I’m happy with my A3000, NEX5 & A7 series with the RAW results, into the end, the picture, composition counts, not any technical camera specs onto paper.

And yes, there’s a difference between 12/14 bit RAW, lossy & lossless compression, but negligble, i’ve read the results ages ago onto the net which tested the D300(s) with 12 & 14bits for example, my D7000 shoots always 12bit RAW, and about 1-2% into 14bits lossless when it does really count. About the A7R shutter: i don’t find it that annoying, but i don’t own the A7R, but have had it in my hands. I shoot RAW since 2001 (Oly C-5050Z).


Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/9663177806/nikon-d810-shooting-experience