Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Sony A3000 First-Impressions Review

It’s good, that a value price is happening. It’s not good, to assume important, basic, benefits can be acceptably removed.

It’s good, that Sony is (perhaps) shaking up the market; *and* have gotten close to providing comprehensive benefits, from one system. It’s not good, they haven’t yet pulled it off, and with this camera, their not even trying.

You see, I recognize, its good benefits; it’s just that they are stifled, by the lack of a benefits balance.

I think this form factor is fine; if it were done right. It’s not. Though, a retro look, might be better. But, that doesn’t really matter. A viewfinder does. No jello video does. Speed does, and the flash system does.

What matters (for a light gathering box) is price (good), Lenses (uh oh), sensor (Good at APS-C); but FF would be better.

Of course, with Sony, you can always phone home, and *BUY* menu add-ons. Just a glimpse, of the Hades, that is Sony’s way. Feed that, and you may lose a limb.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/27/sony-a3000-review-an-slr-like-camera-with-the-heart-of-an-nex