Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Sony A3000 First-Impressions Review

Who cares on the end, all is confusing, A3000, so now will appear soon the A3200, I suppose, the A 5000, A 5100, A7000, A 7100, A9000 FF, Just ask myself who they are kidding, or targetting, with those serie numbers.

I gave up on D since a long time, I prefer A. D is not the door to heaven anymore, and A is to my eyes better in technology. I am old fashion in many things, but not when it concerns cameras. Here I want to combine the old to the new.

Come on Nikon, are ya getting old fashion soon?

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/27/sony-a3000-review-an-slr-like-camera-with-the-heart-of-an-nex