ZTE launches Nubia Z9 with 16MP, OIS and touch-sensitive frame

As far as “touch-sensitive frame”, it could be the result of following:

“ZTE claims to devote 10% of its annual revenue on research and development each year, and it could be producing patents and utility licenses at a furious pace.[18][19] ZTE has filed 48,000 patents globally, and with more than 13,000 patents granted. 90% more patents are invention-related. In two consecutive years (2011 and 2012), ZTE has been granted the largest number of patent applications globally,[20] which is the first for a Chinese company.[21]”


BTW: As far as Phone goes:

“By 2008 ZTE could claim its customer base was truly global, as it had made sales in 140 countries.[13]

In 2009, the company had become the worldwide third-largest vendor of GSM telecom equipment, and about 20% of all GSM gear sold throughout the world that year was ZTE branded.”

Source Article from http://connect.dpreview.com/post/7148755768/zte-launches-nubia-z9-with-16mp-ois-and-touch-sensitive-frame