10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren’t Photoshop)


Adobe Photoshop has become ubiquitous since its introduction more than 20 years ago, but it isn’t the only game in town. In this article, we’ve selected 10 photo editing programs ranging from simple freeware to more advanced, costly RAW conversion tools, including other Adobe software. The programs we’ve highlighted don’t replace Photoshop CS6, but do offer useful functionality for less cost. Click the links below to read more. 



But still no review of the Canon 1DX


I like to use Photoshop Elements and recently discovered that “The PlugIn Site” offers a plug in for Elements that adds 130 Photoshop features called “Elements XXL” for $49. They claim to be working on a version 2 that will add 200 Photoshop features in the pending future. Almost like using the original.

Nick Gombinsky

gimpshop.com is not the official website, sadly, and the Windows version of GIMPshop, as offered by gimpshop.com is supported by adware.

Or at least that is what Wikipedia says.


Nancy and Pete Spader

Excellent list. I have been using Picture Windows Pro by Digital Light and Color myself for many years. There are many non-Adobe programs that do an excellent job at a reasonable price, so consider this set as just a start.



Thanks dpreview!

One of the most useful articles ever.


I open the image in aftershot pro then choose to edit in Corel x5 and can do what photoshop cant even begin to utilising both programs components!Bravo Corel for creating these great programs that can work together, and yes I have Draw x5 and X-6 too.


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Alternative Energy Photography

Well, it’s about damned time!

And thank you. I shall be reading this with great interest over the weekend.


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I’m learning Pixelmator, but still using LightRoom.

I’ve stopped converting to DNG, because I don’t trust Adobe any more, though.


I use Gimp


Thank you for putting this together DPR! My research is done for this particular moment in time, and now my ear is to the rail as I listen for new products in the future. Because there’s no way I’m going to use a cloud for anything, ever. I despise the concept and I will fight it and boycott it to the grave. And I know that younger minds may come to have a different opinion; but I also don’t want the future to end up being that of corporations holding our data on cheap hard-drive space rather than our own hard-drives, which are also cheap. I trust adobe to protect my pictures about as much as I trust Forum users to be brand blind and completely objective.


Raw is not a file type. Raw is not an acronym. Raw is an adjective.

Bram de Mooij

Thanks. Good list.
Did not know about the Paintshop Pro / Nik Color Efex software deal.
But Color Efex is not $150 on it’s own anymore. For that amount of money you get all the Nik modules from Google.


And, within their limitations, the NIK plug-ins are great. Very photographic, almost like working in a darkroom. For non-photogaphic but artistic effects the Topaz plug-ins are fun too and very inexpensive.


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Thanks for the relevant and timely article!

After Adobe’s switch to online-only, I’m sure a lot of photographers are looking for replacement programs… ones that you only have to pay for *once*, and won’t lock you out of your own work if you stop paying.


Thanks DpReview. Most helpful.

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