20051124 - First Snow of the Year - 1

As an Aussie it seems a little strange to be posting this post right now because we’re experiencing a lot of sun right now – but based upon the people we follow on the dPS Twitter account it seems that the many of our readers are (and have been for a while) snowed in right now.

Hat frame

So in tribute to our northern hemisphere readers – we decided to put together a series of images that feature the humble ‘snow flake’. Yes – all these shots capture snow falling in the hope of inspiring those of you whose cameras have been put away for the winter to get out and shoot!

Winter Tales


102/365 Snowfall

In the cold I'm standing

Let It Snow

» Shamble


Waiting in the Moment.

In the cold I'm standing

64/366---Shoveling Snow --Gota love Canadian Winters

Forbidden Snowflake

fun 52.52

Christmas lovin'

The Snowflake Taster

the first snow

Shibuya in the snow: these people think I'm nuts, and they might very well be right :-)

Toque & Tails




winter wonderland 4.52

Let it snow... II

let it snow