a photo book with photos and haiku: camera used : Nikon P900

ram.haiku says:


Hope this email finds you well.

The lockdown due to pandemic has affected the livelihood of many
low-income labourers.

I am a haiku poet who lives in India. in the last few months, i have connected with nature more than ever before. In the mornings and evenings i have been taking pictures of birds around my house.

The pandemic made me ask some fundamental questions about life, and one of them is, how can I help the people who have been affected by the virus.
As an answer, I have collected my haiku related to birds and the bird photographs I have taken, and have made a kindle ebook. Except for one photo, rest of them  I took using a Nikon P900 Camera!

The book is now available on Amazon:


K. Ramesh
5:48PM, 22 July 2020 PDT (permalink)