Adobe Announces Creative Cloud Only Licensing For All Creative Suite Applications

By now you’ve probably hear or read some rants about the new Adobe Creative Suite Application licensing that Adobe announced last week. If not here is the news in a nutshell (via

  1. In the future Adobe Creative Suite applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro etc. will only be available via Creative Cloud (on a subscription basis).
  2. You can subscribe to any one application for $19.99/mo.
  3. You can get everything for $49.99/mo.
  4. Lightroom 5 will not be a part of this (yet), it will still be available as a standalone application. This is good news for most real estate photographers!

Whether we like it or not this move by Adobe is part of the new digital world. Any company that’s not distributing  software effectively is not viable in the long term. Adobe has been doing a crappy job of electronic software distribution for a long time. Presumably Creative Cloud will fix that. If it doesn’t this will be a disaster.Of course there’s more going on here than distribution. The price is generally higher unless you are using a lot of Creative Suite applications intensively. But if you just use Photoshop and only upgrade every couple of years, this new licensing is more expensive. The thing that has many people worked up about this change is the subscription part. We are generally not used to subscribing to software.

For many businesses that need professional level applications this change won’t have that much impact. However, for very small, emerging businesses this will probably mean they will be more inclined to use Photoshop Elements  or an old copy of Photoshop if they can get by with it.

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