Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners

While de facto standards are all well and good, this is a prime example of having only ONE “real” option ends up screwing us all.

So anyone who’s waiting to get a 5d4, 1d4, t7i, nikon 9000 or whatever, you have to pay adobe for pshop to even see the files. MONTHLY. Forever. Sure, you can use canons or nikons crap software…PER IMAGE. Their apps are quite terrible, rivaling the worst in possible UI design.

Some smart guys keep talking about the cost of a starbucks, but how about the costs of non working software because your lifetime subscription ran out, or the day the prices go up and you cant do a damn thing about it.

The prices will rise, as soon as the user base hits some magic number in their marketing departments papers.

We are screwed, and only the foolish don’t know it. Ill start looking at capture 1. As a community, we should all band together to kickstart or support a universal raw module with cataloging ability, so NO one gets locked out of thier camera raws ever.

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